x-tention Informationstechnologie GmbH
Römerstraße 80A, 4600 Wels
tel: +43 7242 / 2155
fax: +43 7242 / 2155-635

Company number: 208008w
Company registration court: Landesgericht Wels
UID number: ATU51724406
Authority according to ECG: Magistrat der Stadt Wels
Industrial law regulation: Gewerbeordnung 1994
DVR number: 4000956
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x-tention Informationstechnologie GmbH

Programming and operation:

x-tention Informationstechnologie GmbH
Web & Custom Solutions
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x-tention Informationstechnologie GmbH uses its own image material and the following photo agency:


Gender neutral language - We make content gender neutral as far as possible. In general, we word our content to avoid masculine and feminine pronouns ("he" or "she"). Instead we use "you" where appropriate and sometimes "they" when we need a gender-neutral pronoun (unless this is confusing).